At Urbane, we are focused on contributing to our local community and believe that even small efforts can make a big difference. We embrace recycling, reusing materials and new technology.



Urbane utilizes the Docusign system, which provides our clients with paperless signing for their documents, whenever possible. Going paperless saves paper and trees, which we think is pretty cool in itself. Going paperless also saves time, gas and faxing multiple copies that become distorted and difficult to read. A typical faxed agreement can add up to several hundred sheets of paper and the ink needed to print them. No waste, saves time, saves resources, saves money... Hmmmm. We think paperless is waaay good, and our clients do, too!


We believe that professional renovators are the ultimate recyclers! 
We're proud to assist our rehabbers as they invest in neighborhoods and turn eyesores into dream-come-true homes.

Did you realize that just one 2,000-square-foot frame home has the potential to yield 6,000-board-feet of reusable lumber, or about 85 percent of the wood framing for a home?  If you take that same house, demolished and sent to a landfill, it would amount to about 127 tons of wasted materials or about 10,000 cubic feet of debris! Wow! Responsible renovating and house recycling practices have a significant impact on diminishing those numbers, and we're proud to be a part of that.*

Urbane provides expert coaching for renovation clients and representation of their finished project. We list about 40 renovated homes each year. Many of these homes are affordable housing, and represent an opportunity for first time buyers or "down-sizers" to own an up-to-date property they can be proud of. The quality of workmanship and the attractiveness of their new home is important, but a new home owner can also feel good knowing they've chosen to purchase a recycled home and contribute to the community they will live in.

Keep an eye out for our Green Is Good blogs. We'll offer links and solutions for conscious home ownership and renovation.

Sher Powers
Urbane Residential Specialists

*Renovation projects contribute to a community and the well-being of neighbors in many less obvious ways. Each project puts skilled and general laborers to work, their presence increases local income at stores and restaurants. The neighborhood is affected positively by property taxes, improved street view, a vacancy filled. Plus, there are attorneys, lenders, inspectors, appraisers, city staff, and of course, Realtors, who provide professional services for both the buy and sale of the home. Not to mention all the products and services needed when moving. Renovators improve the economy, one house at a time!