First Time Home Buyers:

KEY POINT #1: Choosing a Realtor wisely to guide you through the process is an absolute must! Just as you wouldn't hire a guide to take you through the mountains with limited experience or resources, you need to hire Realtor with experience, good references, and lots of professional resources. A Realtor will help you make one of the largest financial decisions of your life, and it's paramount that they are experts in residential real estate and skilled problem solvers. (See link: How Do Real Estate Agents Get Paid?)

KEYPOINT #2: The art of smart home buying starts with taking an honest look at who you are. Though many first time home buyers will skip it, at Urbane, we believe this is a vital first step to your success in making a wise purchase. To learn more about yourself as a home buyer take our quick quiz: Your Perfect Home

: X marks the spot! The actual process of home buying begins with simple math. You are not ready to search for a home until you know the price range you qualify for, and have a bank letter in hand that says so. Finding an excellent lender is a critical component to this. The common question asked when new home buyers start their loan quest is: “How much can I/we qualify for?” At Urbane, we believe the much wiser question to ask is “How much can I/we comfortably afford in house payments each month?” Because some ongoing or future payments don’t show up on a credit report, it’s easy to overlook them when calculating your budget. Be sure you are working with a lender and Realtor who care about your success and want to know everything you are financially  responsible for, including quarterly tax payments, student loans, or private loans. Many home buyers (even with several prior home purchases) are tempted to not share that information so they can qualify for a larger loan. Smart Buyers resist and set themselves up for success. When borrowing money for a home purchase, you’ll need to be prepared with the following items: Lender Checklist for Buyers and at least three great lender referrals (we have included four Nashville area referrals with this link.)
KEYPOINT #4: You, as the new home owner, are going to be living in the home daily and paying the loan each month. Not the lender, not the Realtor, not the home inspector. You. With most people averaging eight years in a home, it is crucial that you get to know the house and neighborhood (and neighbors) before you write an offer. Here’s a handy checklist of items to consider when deciding whether to write an offer on a home: see Before You Write That Offer.

KEYPOINT #5: Education is key to becoming a wise, prepared home buyer. There are so many resources available to you through books, online and community resources. Urbane will provide you with information and tools for success every step of the way. We love encouraging buyer success in residential real estate, and look forward to answering any of your questions not answered in our resource pages. Contact Us