Working with you on this deal was a breeze for me. Not only did you handle everything in a prompt and professional manner, you are also very informative and extremely pleasant to work with. If I ever get the urge to buy another property you will be the first person I call.  
  ~ J Booth, Real Estate Investor  
  The Sher Powers brand is one of my first resources I check when I have a new buyer. I know the product will be top quality, the negotiations will be fair and win/win and the care after the sale goes to a human level. All seven of the families I represented living in homes represented by Sher still love their homes. (Note from Sher: Brian has represented two additional buyers who have purchased homes I listed, since writing this recommendation! Thanks, Brian!)  
  ~ Brian Copeland, Realtor, Village Real Estate  
  When I started searching for my first home I found Sher as the result of a rave review from one of her repeat clients, and by the time we finished our first meeting I knew I had my Realtor. The takeaway from that first day--and the element that was present throughout the whole experience--was the level of comfort Sher provided by way of knowledge, insight, and honesty. From the first, Sher provided more than options--she provided an education that I needed as a first time buyer. As we worked and I learned, she shared her developing sense of my taste, and I was surprised how quickly she knew what was important to me. It didn't take many visits to find the house, and Sher left no stone unturned as we worked to guarantee the home was everything it appeared. The day of closing there was no hesitation because with Sher across the table, I knew I was in great hands. A great recommendation meant the world to me when I started, and now I'm happy to pass one on.  
  ~ Andrew G, First Time Home Buyer  
  Sher Powers should be your Realtor, no maybes, no exceptions. With Sher, your perfect-fit property is that much closer to being signed, sealed and delivered into your hands. Sher will bring to your buying adventure highly valuable insight and knowledge as well as warmth, chutzpah, honesty, joy-in-the-process, resolve and tireless energy. Sher was the keystone to my success as a 1st-time homebuyer. I am still raving to my friends and family about Sher Powers, my Realtor extraordinaire.  
  ~ J Joseph, east Nashville 1st time Buyer  
  "There are good Realtors and there are Realtors like Sher, who consistently rises far above the expectations of even the most critical clients. Sher's integrity and dedication to making sure her buyers are getting the house they want, with the best price possible, in my opinion, is unparalleled. She sees the big picture, not just the 'sale'. (I've been a part of transactions, where a short time after purchasing, Sher's clients have realized huge gains in the appraised value of their homes!)"  
  ~ Phil Miller, Sr Loan Officer, SWBC  
  "I would highly recommend Sher for her success in marketing renovated properties. I hired her specifically for this, her staging services, and her pricing advice to get things sold. The first house I sold with Sher: contract in 3 days, above asking price. Any questions?"  
  ~ J Southwick, Real Estate Investor  
  Sher has been invaluable to our business by finding ways for us to purchase or sell when we didn't see a way. She has an eye for style and design that make our listings rise above all the other choices. She is an excellent negotiator and is willing to dig in and handle details, even when they aren't specifically her responsibilty, so we can close when others can't. Sher is a essential a part of our team!  
  ~ V Pitts, Expert Renovator/Landlord  
  "Sher is enthusiastic, candid and very helpful for first timers. I plan to call her when we sell our house!"  
  ~ L Sanford, First Time Buyer  
  "I'm so glad I relied on Sher. I started with one property, and I now own a rental and my dream home!"  
  ~ L Freeland, First Time Buyer/Now New Investor  
  Even though I'm a veteran real estate investor and Realtor myself, I've exclusively entrusted Sher to list some of my personally rehabbed investment properties. Of all the Realtors I know, I trust her to provide me the very best service possible in terms of professionalism, knowledge of our local markets, marketing skills, navigating through closing obstacles with her savvy, and dependability in getting the deal closed. Frankly, I know that if you have Sher, you have the best.  
  ~ Dale Hire, Realtor and Investor  
  Working with Sher Powers is a pleasure. Her experience and knowledge are vital to a successful sale. We successfully closed a sale that had the potential to fall through at several occasions, however in large part due to her diligence we made it to the closing table.  
  ~ Marilyn Mathis Bell, Realtor, Welcome Realty