Sometimes we stick with something much longer than we know we should. That little nagging voice says, "this doesn't feel right" or "this isn't a good fit". What we do when that little voice starts sharing its point of view is crucial to the outcome.

For example. You've been working with a lender and they are not answering your questions or offering you alternatives to consider. They brush you off or never seem to be available. But you've already put a home under contract, and you're concerned about ruining your deal if you change lenders.

Or your moving company or babysitter or whomever. You're not comfortable with what's happening but you rationalize: it's not that bad. Or you wishful think: it will get better. Or you fear the unknown: it could be even worse with someone else.

It's a tough thing to learn, but it is almost always best to talk about what isn't working and clarify what you would like to be different. At that time, you can also agree that if it doesn't improve immediately, in measurable ways, then you will move on. How to do that?

1) Talk with the person/people about what is not working and why.
2) Verify that you are not assuming expectations that have never been agreed upon.
3) Ask the other party what would make the relationship function better from their perspective.
4) If you are contributing to the problem (ie: not providing items or attending meetings on time) acknowledge that and offer solutions.
5) If you have written agreements, take a look at what the terms are and seek assistance within the agreement (ie: with a lender, could you be transferred to another loan officer within the company?) Talk with their boss if possible.
6) Start looking for alternatives and seeking recommendations, so you don't feel powerless or forced to stick with a difficult situation.
7) If you are the service provider, and feel taken advantage of or that unreasonable expectations exist, you can choose to refer your client to someone who would be a better fit.
8) Bonus: If it starts out with friction or confusion, it typically does not improve. Life is too short to have a bad experience in a professional relationship, especially when you are paying for it.

Wishing you every success in connecting with the right people at the right time who have the right attitude and the right knowledge and the ability to provide you with stellar service!