We love sharing great resources with our clients and friends, and have found the following financial planning or management websites to be stellar in their information. And they are easy to use. Better yet, they are free (a few have very reasonably priced add on services, if desired.)

If you're serious about getting your financial house in order (we highly recommend taking that step before buying a home) these are great resources to start with.

Financial Peace Planning Lesson: FREE planning lesson; offers for a fee budgeting classes, books, training CDs, etc. with a Christian perspective.) 

All About Credit Cards and Credit Card Debt Great explanation of credit card debt, and forgiven credit card debt (which is also 1099'd.) All things credit cards! Free estimator to determine your credit score (click on the unsure button about your level of credit, fill it in honestly, you should have a fairly accurate credit score range.) 

Money Management Made Easy a great financial management resource that offers tips and ideas for creating healthy financial practices. All FREE, all kindly written, very informative with links to items of interest.

Manage Multiple Accounts, Creditors and Budgets Online LOVE THIS! How about a completely FREE, easy, safe way to manage your accounts, create and track budgets, all in one place on line? This is it. Encrypted, must-visit site worth your time to watch the short video. Highly recommended by Money, NY Times, ABC News.  

Take the first step and make the decision to improve your financial savvy and knowledge of YOUR money and where it goes each month. Take control and reap the rewards of successfully reaching your goal of home ownership!