It's an exciting day for our crew at Urbane... We've made it to our first year anniversary as a real estate firm.

Things we can say:
1) It was a stellar decision -  no regrets, no turning back.
2) The support of our investor clients who buy and list with us was instrumental in making the transition, as they weathered a few weeks of being off MLS while the transition occured. There are no words to express how much your faith boosted our entry into the market at Urbane.
3) The amazing trust our first time buyers have expressed in choosing Urbane, a new company, to assist in such a huge moment in their lives - it's our passion to serve you with excellence, and working with each of you has been an honor!
4) The unnamed bright lights... We had so much positive encouragement via other managing brokers, agents we worked with over the years, friends and mentors. A big shout out to every single person who supported us with a "like" on our facebook page, and to all the kind and positive people (some we've never met!) who consistently put encouraging messages on facebook. Your words make a difference and encouraged us to keep going during some tough days. Keep writing from the heart and sharing thoughts that make a difference, we appreciate you!
5) To Connie and Sheila for being such delightful encouragers to so many, and for the honor of Sher being a guest for their podcast this year. Your positive energy and desire to make a difference is inspiring, your friendship a life treasure. (Need an attitude adjustment? Check out their podcast and point of view at it will "rock" your world! We all need mentors and positivity that gives more than empty platitudes, these women truly offer hope, direction, resources and wisdom.)
6) Adriane Harper is the glue that keeps our team functioning. Her consistent effort to give her best, her willingness to do what needed to be done without complaint, her loving attitude and friendship -- there is no greater blessing than a true friend who serves whole-heartedly. Adriane: thank you for bringing your all to every task. Your work ethic and encouragement, your committed friendship, as you witness the good, bad and ugly, is truly astounding and has made the transition and growth possible. Conventional wisdom says: never hire your friends. You are the exception to the rule, A!
7) Having an illustrator as a husband is a really cool thing when starting a new company - our logo, business cards and signs have been complimented and really express the personality of Urbane. Thank you, Arden von Haeger, for making us look good! (And for your ongoing encouragement, support, and all the times you dropped what you were doing to help with staging, destaging, getting a last minute repair done, and so much more!)
8) We not only survived, we grew this year due to everyone who referred a client to us! We are completely referral based, and have been honored and delighted that you have thought highly enough of our service to you to suggest us to others. Every sale we closed this year is because someone said, "call Sher Powers at Urbane." Thank you!
9) Brian Copeland has easily been the biggest peer support for us this year, and every year. He has been a positive voice for our listing product, and has sold more of our listings than any other agent over the years. Our sole advertising budget this past year was spent to sponsor the main room of the REBARCamp this year, which he founded and hosted. As a new, unknown name, it was the best money spent, and our support of the real estate industry camp was our introduction to a broad range of top producers in our local market, and resulted in several referrals from visiting agents from other states. Thank you, Brian, for your encouragement and all you share regarding technology, growing excellence, industry cooperation. You are the best!
10) Our first year success is possible because of the people we serve. We eagerly anticipate the year ahead and look forward to working with current and new clients.
Gratitude abounds.

Sher Powers and crew