The deadline to schedule an appt to request a tax assessment adjustment for DAVIDSON COUNTY is June 15 for changes to this year's assessment. Sometimes this can be done via fax and phone.  If the answer from the tax assessor's office is "no" or a higher value than you think is fair, you can appeal. Please check with your own county for deadline dates.

KEY POINTS TO PONDER: Did you recently purchase a home and the tax record indicates a higher value than you paid? Have homes in your neigbhorhood SIMILAR TO YOURS in size and condition recently sold that were priced below what your tax assessment value is? It is worth the effort to request a review. 

WHAT TO HAVE ON HAND: a list of recently closed properties and prices paid per square foot (get comparables from MLS or your favorite REALTOR), a copy of your closing statement if you recently purchased the property, or a copy of a recent appraisal (especially if you were turned down for a refinance or it was lowered due to appraisal coming in low).  GOOD LUCK!

For more information, check out this great article on House Logic by the National Association of REALTORS