We know green is good right? Kermit the Frog is green, money, money, money is green, Aunt Nancy's pistachio salad is...ok well maybe not all green is good but we do know that living a greener lifestyle is good and maybe you’ve already adopted a greener lifestyle by supporting eco-friendly companies, buying local products, recycling, and so on. Then the holiday season rolls around and some of those practices fall by the way side, but they don’t have to. A few ways we can continue the practice into the holiday season is buying eco-friendly gifts, decorating in a more green fashion (no, that doesn’t mean using all green colored lights) and recycling.


What does going green mean anyway? Adopting a greener lifestyle means being more environmentally aware in trying to minimize the amount of pollution and waste we produce. Why is it important? Because caring for the earth is one way we give back, taking responsibility of what we are taking from the planet and how we are leaving it. During this season of giving we have a real opportunity to set this in motion by setting an example in our community and showing the next generation how we can make a positive difference by making choices every day that over time will create a larger impact and a smaller footprint.


So let’s look at some ways we can practice going green this holiday season. Got a party happening?


  • Go digital and ditch the paper invites, I know so old-school, right?
  • Set the ambience and dim those lights, use LED lights or try sustainable candles (they are usually made from beeswax, soy or palm oil)
  • Bring the outdoors in by using pine cones, evergreen sprigs to decorate the table
  • Shop local and buy fresh from the farmers market and drinks from a local brewery or winery.
  • Put those paper plates away unless they are 100% recycled ecofriendly dinnerware. Go ahead get Grandma’s china out this is a special occasion.
  • Set up recycling containers in your home for those bottles, cans, paper products (you know those paper plates you had to use)


Going green doesn’t have to be an all or nothing endeavor, by taking small steps we can make a big difference, the more we begin to make some simple changes the easier it will become part of our everyday life. As the season greets us into celebrating the holidays let’s remember to also celebrate this beautiful planet that sustains us day in and day out.          

Give back and think green this holiday!